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Hello, I am Andy Liang.

I am an iOS developer and designer, and a Computer Science student at the University of Waterloo. I currently work at  Apple as a UIKit Engineer. I was previously an iOS Engineering intern at Splunk> on its mobile team. Before that, I worked as a Software Engineering Intern at Yahoo on the Flurry SDK team.

On the side, I have worked on a handful of projects that can currently be found on the App Store, including: Sigma Planner and Blurry. Check out my GitHub for more open-source projects that I have created or contributed to.

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Sigma Planner

Your Personal School Planner

Sigma Planner is the perfect companion app for your school activities that help will help you keep track of your classes and allow you to add homework and tasks into your week's schedule with ease.

Track your courses and assignemnts with ease; organize your tasks just the way you need it. Sigma Planner enables you to maximize your efficiency with its simple and intuitive interface and its flexibility that allows you to stay on top of everything.

With Sigma Planner, you no longer need to carry an extra agenda or a student diary; simply, grab out your phone, and everything will be available, right at your finger tips.

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Image Blurring Made Easy

Ever loved a photo so much that you wanted to have it as a wallpaper but realize that there's too much detail in the photo it doesn't fit as a wallpaper or a background image?

With Blurry, you can customize and create a blur effect on the photo that allows you to create the perfect wallpaper for your device.

From a selection of dark, light, and colour blur, along with an extraordinarily simple UI, you can tweak the image however you like and save it when you're done. It's that simple!