print("Hello, world.")

👋 Hi, I'm Andy.

I am a Taiwanese-Canadian software engineer with a passion in mobile design and code currently working at  Apple on the UIKit team. I graduated from the University of Waterloo in Fall 2020 as an Honours Computer Science Major with Human-Computer Interaction Specialization.

Previously, I was an co-op student at  Apple, Splunk, Oath, and Yahoo.

As an indie developer, I have a few projects that can currently be found on the App Store, including Sigma Planner and Blurry. Feel free to check out my GitHub for more open-source projects I've worked on.

// NOTE: Probably napping. 😴

Apps on the App Store

Previous Experiences

UIKit & SwiftUI

Winter 2020 / Spring 2019

Splunk Mobile

Fall 2018

Flurry SDK

Winter 2018

Flurry App

Spring 2017