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Hello, I'm Andy Liang.

I am a 22 year old undergraduate student at the University of Waterloo studying Computer Science. Professionally, I am an iOS developer and designer with many years of experience in Objective-C and Swift. Most recently, I worked on the UIKit & SwiftUI team at  Apple. Previously, I was at Splunk> on the Splunk Mobile team, and at Yahoo! on the Flurry Analytics team.

On the side, I have worked on a handful of projects that can currently be found on the App Store, including: Sigma Planner and Blurry. Feel free to check out my GitHub for more open-source projects that I have created or contributed to.

// NOTE: Probably napping. 😴

Previous Experiences

UIKit & SwiftUI

Winter 2020 / Spring 2019

Splunk Mobile

Fall 2018

Flurry SDK

Winter 2018

Flurry App

Spring 2017


Sigma App Icon

Sigma Planner

Your Personal School Planner
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Sigma Planner is the perfect companion app for your academics that will help you track your classes and tasks with ease. With Sigma planner, you will never need to carry your school planner anymore; all your planner and school information is available on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

With iCloud, your planner is everywhere and always in sync. You can now edit your task on your iPhone and be able to view them on the iPad or Mac as soon as you save. No login. No external account. It just works.

Sigma Planner supports many system features as well as accessibility, like multiple-window and trackpad support on iPad, iOS 14 Home screen widgets, Touch ID/Face ID unlock, and more. With Sigma Planner, you will never need to carry your school planner anymore; simply pull out your iPhone or iPad, and everything will be available right at your finger tips.

The app is FREE with no in-app purchases, no feature-unlocks, and ZERO data-tracking. It is available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

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Quick and Easy Image Blurring
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Blurry is the go-to image blurring tool to help you apply beautiful blurs for your photos. It is perfect for creating wallpapers, backgrounds, and more.

With Blurry, you can customize and apply a blur effect on top of any photos from your photo library to create the perfect background for your wallpaper.

Through an extraordinarily simple UI, and a selection of dark blur, light blur, and custom colour blur, you can tweak the image effect however you like and save it when you are satisfied. It's that easy!

Blurry is available for FREE on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.